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Reduce risk and prepare for CMS Surveys

Increasingly, hospitals are being surveyed directly by CMS, and some of these surveys are leading  to System Integrity Agreements (SIA) or even Medicare decertification – effectively shuttering the facility.

iSurvey screen2PACE’s Organizational Compliance team will help you prepare for a CMS survey by sending in an expert team of mock surveyors.  Each team member utilizes our proprietary mobile app survey tool to aggregate findings for real-time reporting on vulnerabilities.

Our experts will:

  • Rapidly identify vulnerable areas
  • Assist in mitigating risk immediately
  • Educate while surveying by incorporating your staff and leaders every step of the way
  • Hold daily stand-up meetings to maximize effectiveness on each survey day
  • Provide daily debriefs with clear reporting on findings and recommendations

Already under an SIA?  We can help with that too.  Call us at (843) 548-0507 or click here to contact us to find out how.

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