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There is too much at risk to be tracking critical audits in a simple spreadsheet!

A RAC tracking software tool like RACTelligenceTM is essential to margin protection through effective RAC management. RACTelligenceTM can help you track front-end compliance, denial prevention efforts and back-end denial mitigation and appeals.  RACTelligenceTM is an affordable, scalable and user-friendly solution for healthcare providers of any size to track all RAC activity from audits through appeals and facility recoupment. This tool gives the user the power to calculate their financial risk and vulnerabilities while tracking the internal costs of managing RAC audits.

RACTelligenceTM Tracking software allows users to track all of their organization’s RAC activity from documentation request to demands and denials through appeals.  The software allows you to calculate your RAC vulnerability and facility costs associated with managing the RAC process.

  • Track and manage monies recouped as well as labor and other costs associates with RAC responses
  • Manage appeals and timelines for maximum efficiency and accuracy in response to demand letters
  • Maintain and manage internal communication related to RAC activities
  • Create executive and director level reports for ongoing management

RACTelligenceTM is an AHA RACTrac compatible vendor.  By using software that is RACTrac compatible, you are able to upload your RAC information directly to AHA to be included in their quarterly RACTrac Results.  By tracking RAC activity across more than 2,000 healthcare providers, AHA is able to assess the impact of the permanent RAC program.  For more information, visit AHA’s RACTrac site here.

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